Jimmy Kelly

After the overwhelming comeback of the Kelly Family, Jimmy Kelly returns to his own musical origins. For almost three years he has rushed from success to success with his siblings and filled the big arenas. This spring, initially on a lecture tour with his best-selling book "The Streetkid," the exceptional musician with a powerful voice will go on tour again with his street orchestra and a new album from April 2023.

Jimmy Kelly is thus continuing an extraordinary musical project that began in 2007, when he left the Kelly Family and left the big media hype behind him. In a very difficult phase for him, the musician returns to the road to find himself and his musical roots. A formative and instructive time, in which he meets many highly talented fellow musicians. In the course of time, Jimmy founds his own street musician band, with which he performs in pedestrian zones, Irish pubs or on cabaret stages. Later he organizes concerts in front of larger audiences and with "Viva la Street" the first joint album is released, which is highly praised by critics.

Musically, Jimmy Kelly relies mostly on characterful acoustic sound for his "Back on the Street" tour 2023. Honest handmade rock/pop and folk music, which comes along live on stage in a wide stylistic range. From danceable Balkan Klezmer influences to beautiful bluegrass, Irish sounds, Spanish folk and French chansons to emotional ballads, Jimmy Kelly offers it all. Original compositions and multifaceted arrangements of well-known melodies, which his virtuosic street orchestra masterfully brings to the point in impressive sonic splendor with traditional folk instruments, strings and winds. An overwhelming and true concert experience, not only for Kelly fans.

JIMMY KELLY & THE STREETORCHESTRA - "Back on the Street" Tour 2023

20.04.2023 Leipzig Haus Auensee

21.04.2023 Chemnitz Stadthalle

22.04.2023 Dresden Alter Schlachthof

27.04.2023 Hannover Capitol

28.04.2023 Suhl CCS

29.04.2023 Gera KuK

03.05.2023 Regensburg das Stadtwerk.Donau-Arena

04.05.2023 Saarbrücken Congresshalle

05.05.2023 Trier Europahalle

11.05.2023 Osterholz-Scharmbeck Stadthalle

12.05.2023 Lübeck MuK

18.05.2023 Rheda-Wiedenbrück Stadthalle

19.05.2023 Lingen Emsland Arena

20.05.2023 Düsseldorf Capitol Theater

27.05.2023 Stuttgart Theaterhaus

28.05.2023 Mannheim Rosengarten

06.06.2023 Hamburg Laiszhalle

07.06.2023 Berlin Metropol