Victoria Mavis

The evolution of magic! Victoria Mavis takes you on a journey to the Ancient Orient using the power of magic & illusions. Dive deep into the myths and masterpieces of the Ancient Orient and participate in a unique treasure hunt.

In a genre dominated by men, Victoria Mavis is one of the few internationally recognized female magicians, mentalists & illusionists. How to differentiate illusion from reality? The inexplicable happens right before your eyes, near enough to touch. Female intuition playfully trumps all reason. Supernatural abilities create infinite space for inspiration. A fascinating journey into a new dimension of magic!

Experience mystical adventures with Victoria Mavis, where the unexplainable challenges your mind. In addition to her live show, Victoria Mavis is also available for close up magic that will blow your mind. The author of the book “What If Everything Was Possible?!” is also available as a speaker and motivational coach showing the audience that you can fulfill your dreams with the right tools in your magic box.