Das Dschungelbuch

Christian Berg's cult musical with music by Konstantin Wecker.

There is probably hardly any material that is so famous and everlasting at the same time, it has not lost its magic over the decades. But another name has also been inextricably linked with the success of this classic for many years: we are talking about the successful children's musical producer Christian Berg. His cult musical with the stunning music of Konstantin Wecker has attracted and thrilled countless young and old visitors to theaters across Germany since 2002! Of course, in the Jungle Book musical, too, everything starts with the quiet whimpering of an abandoned foundling somewhere deep in the middle of the Indian jungle. Wolves discover the human child and bring it to their pack, where it grows up according to the laws of the jungle. Mowgli leads a carefree, paradisiacal life alongside the animals. One day, however, word spreads like wildfire of the return of the man-eating tiger Shir Khan to his former territory.

The tiger is loose! The jungle council meets and decides to take Mowgli to a human settlement on the edge of the jungle. This is to offer him protection from the predator. Many adventures and dangers await Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera on their way through the jungle... participatory theater for the whole family! In a real costume battle, five actors take on more than a dozen roles and constantly challenge the audience to join in. Among other things, the children play the elephant parade that travels through the jungle with Mowgli, and fathers have to act as coconut trees on stage to show Baloo the right way to find his friend Mowgli. With its special participatory concept, the musical version picks up where many children's theaters leave off, delighting young and adult audiences alike.